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Blossom equips credit unions with an expanding suite of admin tools, conveniently housed within a single portal, allowing their employees to enjoy work without technological heartburn. Yes, it’s a kind of magic.

Just like magic

The beating heart of Blossom is found behind the scenes, where credit unions can manage the credit union, all from a single Magic dashboard.

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Love thy member

Serve your members with bliss

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Risk management

Through Blossom Magic’s intuitive experience, easily customize member access to accounts and loans. Protect your credit union and members from the risk of unauthorized access.

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Know your member

Conveniently view your member’s entire relationship with the credit union. Serve your members quickly and accurately with detailed information.

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Manage your team.

Employee management

Regulate employee access.

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Employee roles

Adjust employee permissions based on custom roles.

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Employee groups

Track support tickets by group from opening to completion.

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Activity report

Monitor individual employee actions and reduce risk with an audit trail.

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Support, simplified

Help your members with joy.

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Tickets master

Stay on top of all member requests on one convenient dashboard. Ensure every member issue is addressed and solved, quickly and completely.

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Stay in the loop

Ensure member applications don’t get lost in the shuffle. Each application can be assigned to an employee, and tracked via a service ticket.

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Engage your members

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Direct to member

Get a direct line of communications with your members. Send messages, secure documents and give them the support they need.

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Help is on the way

Send messages, exchange documents and provide support when your members need it most.

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Powered up

Process payments with ease.

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Sundown rule

The Today tab automatically creates a list of all activities that need to be processed by the end of the day, ensuring transactions are posted on time, every time.

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Block suspicious routing numbers, so your members can’t initiate payments to them.

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Instant feedback

Inform your members automatically when a transaction is cancelled due to insufficient funds so they can take immediate action.

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Be on cloud nine

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Sharing is caring

Share member information, documents, and files only to your approved list of recipients.

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Save the trees

Automatically generate member account, loan, and credit card statements, easily and accurately.

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Manage your own website, no sweat.

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Your website, like magic

Design your credit union website the way you want it, with no fuss. Or ask Blossom to deliver your website turnkey.

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Safe and sound

At Blossom, we take security seriously.  The credit union and your members are protected by the latest security protocols and industry leading standards.

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Multi-factor authentication

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Accessible to all

Blossom meets current digital accessibility requirements, ensuring all credit union staff and members can enjoy the convenience of our integrated suite of solutions.


Blossom Mobile provides outstanding contrast for improvedreadability.

Text Size

We adhere to industry guidelines for minimum text size.

Zoom mode

Our experience supports display zoom for those who need a bigger text to be able to read.

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“Blossom’s beautiful and passionate desire to provide Credit Union’s membership with an unparalleled digital experience enables CUs, from the biggest to the very smallest, the ability to attract and retain members who desire cutting edge financial capabilities.”

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Ben Young

CEO 3Hill Credit Union

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“One of the things that we love about Blossom is the fact that it’s always changing, it’s always upgrading, it’s a living thing, and we’re a part of it. We are so excited to see what’s coming. Blossom is awesome!” 

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Nick Fugal

CFO Clarity Credit Union

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“Blossom will be the savior allowing the credit union industry to effectively compete and have appropriate services like the big banks of the world. My background is with both regional and one world bank and as such, this rollout discussion has put me on Cloud 9!” 

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Helen Edwards

Ex-CEO Norristown Bell Credit Union